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The Story of #ThatPurplePlace

Founded in 2022

#ThatPurplePlace came about as an explosion of very different ideas and passions merged into a vision of something 'different'. A community space that people could be proud of. A bright a trendy backdrop for young people to pose for their instagram photos. A friendly place for people to come and learn about themselves. A non-judgemental space for people to begin their fitness journey. A beautiful location for remote working. A great location for people to showcase their wares. A powerful networking zone for collaboration of enterprise. A classroom for the entrepreneurs of tomorrow to brainstorm their ideas. 

So many things that would bring benefit to our island and its community and businesses but yet could all of these elements be brought together under one roof? Would it be possible? 

With the right mindset, a solid vision and an abundance of energy - anything is possible. 

This community interest company has been founded by people who are passionate about our area, about making it better, about the people in it and about its future. They are passionate about enterprise, training, inspiring a next generation. Whilst also being trained and celebrated for their work in the fields of coaching, holistic therapy, mindfulness and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. 

#ThatPurplePlace isn't like anything else because it doesn't need to be - it is all of the things that nothing else is, but that you need it to be. 

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