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Our Latest Stories

Welcome Virginia Crosbie MP

January 19th 2023

A lovely surprise today as our MP Virginia Crosbie popped in to say hello and give us her support. Virginia was in Holyhead with a number of VIPs promoting and celebrating the excellent news that the UK Government has awarded 17 million as part of the Levelling Up Fund to Holyhead. This money is going to be used to transform derelict spaces, create more fit for purpose community projects that will benefit everyone and we are so happy that the bid was successful as the mission of the bid is very much in alignment without our own. We look forward to contributing towards Holyhead becoming a vibrant place, where people can thrive really reach their potential. A space that local people can be proud of and a foundation for our future generations to build on. Thank you Virginia for taking time to come and say hi during a very busy day!

Warm Spaces

January 14th 2023

We are very grateful and excited to be able to share with you that we were successfully awarded financial support as part of the Warm Spaces initiative to open the doors to #ThatPurplePlace to help keep our community warm. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join us 12 - 4 Monday to Friday to sit and watch the world go by, enjoying the warmth provided by us and our partners so you can save money on your fuel bill at home. Why not bring along your crafts, laptop or book and let us keep you warm and watered for a few hours. 

Key in the Lock

Its Key Collection Day!!!!!!

25th October 2022

Rarely in life do things go according to the plan we had initially set out and our key collection day was no exception.. although we collected the keys! We then headed over to #ThatPurplePlace to start the work we had planned to do, only to discover a huge hole under the floor!! Slight setback, but we one we can overcome. While the floor is being sorted we are working behind the scenes on sourcing furniture and funding and we hope to be able to get in to make a start on the decorating transformation very soon! 

A great lesson in focusing on what we can control and not on that which we cant.

And So It Begins........

20th October 2022

If you haven not heard of the law of attraction then we would urge for you to look it up, or come to one of our manifestation workshops in the new year. For a long time #TPP was in the mind of creator Abi Jenkins and her co-founders but it wasn't until she put it on her vision board yesterday that it became a very real reality. Right in the middle of Holyhead, at a brilliant start up rental price and with a landlord that wants it to be used for the good of the community. This versatile space is going to become the home of #ThatPurplePlace as we begin our journey. We collect the keys next week and we are super excited to share with you our progress as we transform this little gem into a purple palace of positivity and inspiration for our community. 

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